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Conference Schedule
Safeguarding The Nation Through Innovation and Public Private Cooperation

4 December 2018
Day 1

08 : 00
09 : 00
Guest of Honour / Opening Address
09 : 30
The Next Generation Technologies: Using Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics in Combatting Terrorism
  • Data analytics to shape future policies
  • redicting and responding to threat
  • Challenges and opportunities
10 : 10
Facilitating Border Control Through Integrated Surveillance System
  • Biometric, sensors and IoT
  • Approaches for all borders – Land, air and maritime
  • Financing the infrastructure
10 : 50
Networking Coffee Break
11 : 20
Case Study
11 : 50
Challenges in Ensuring the Present and Future Security of A City
  • What hinders the progress of ensuring the city safety and security?
  • Responding to the challenges with effective solutions
  • Avoiding common pitfalls and mistakes
12 : 30
Networking Lunch and Tour to Exhibition Hall
14 : 00
Blurring Line between Violent and Non-Violent Extremist in a Post-IS Environment and How to Tackle It
In a post-IS environment, the line between violent and non-violent extremism has become blurred increasing the chances of vulnerable individuals and groups to fall prey to extremist propaganda more often than not. The purpose of this talk will be to identify how the lines is getting blurred and in which spaces, groups which are vulnerable this alarming development and the possible steps to tackle this.
14 : 40
Case Study
15 : 10
Networking Coffee Break
15 : 40
Panel Discussion: The Role of Media
Are the language used and message spread by the media provoking terrorism and violence? Or is media the agent of peace and unity?
16 : 20
Propelling towards Counter Terror: Airport and Aircraft Security
  • How terror incidents have shaped the security infrastructure and policies
  • Minimizing risks with technologies
  • Reviving travellers’ confidence after terror incidents
17 : 00
End of Day 1

5 December 2018
Day 2

08 : 00
09 : 00
Safeguarding Critical National Infrastructure
  • Identifying the low-hanging fruits to terror attacks in cities and public places
  • Strategies for resilience
  • Public-private collaboration for well-guarded critical national infrastructure
09 : 40
Game of Drones: Combatting Issues with Anonymous Drones
  • Current trends of drones usage
  • Threats identifications
  • Legal and privacy concerns
10 : 20
Networking Coffee Break
10 : 50
Case Study
11 : 20
Virtual World Problem: Cyber Security
  • The rise of cyber terrorism
  • Measures taken to counter cyber security issues for all parties
  • Resilience in cyber security
12 : 00
Networking Lunch and Tour to Exhibition Hall
13 : 30
Rehabilitation For Dangerous Minds: Reforming Individuals Corrupted by Radicals
  • Understanding the causes and the underlying issues
  • Methodologies and approaches
  • Addressing the obstacles
14 : 10
Case Study
14 : 40
Networking Coffee Break
15 : 10
Terrorists on the Move: The Changing Nature of Terrorism and How Countries Are Keeping up
  • Keeping up with the new kind of threats in terrorism
  • Addressing challenges to ever changing ways of targeting
  • Maximising online and offline monitoring and protection
15 : 50
Panel Discussion - Counter-terror Approaches and Policies from Across Asia and How We Can Learn from The Best
Panel discussion by experts on approaches and policies implemented by countries across Asia to counter terrorism and enhance homeland security. This session will also discuss on lessons learnt from the previous terror attacks as well as best practices and latest technologies across countries.
16 : 30
Think Tank Session
17 : 30
End of Day 2
***Please note also that all efforts would be made by the organizer to make the conference as concise as possible with our conference schedule, however the topics and speakers are expected to change without prior notice.